Looking for something fun and educational? Come along into the vibrant, colorful city of Fruitville with Peg, Zippy, and Spinner. Follow along with the Peg Heads through their many adventures as each episode focuses on a heartfelt message and lesson for children to take away with them.


Warning: Infectious laughter ahead! From Spinner to Lackey to Dr. Frickenblock, one thing’s for sure-there will never be a shortage of jokes and gags when you watch the Peg Heads. You will find yourself immediately trying to imitate all the hilarious things happening in each episode, we promise.


The Pegs Heads are silly, lovable, and downright adorable. Their messages are simple; their lessons are unforgettable. As the Peg Heads learn to grow your children will love to grow with them. Problems and solutions will be identifiable with things happening in the busy lives of today’s busy children.


The Peg Heads is a no-holds-barred comedy-action series that brings the Laser Pegs toy line to life with unique and endearing characters who build and fly/drive/ride/sail colorful, glowing Laser Pegs vehicles and creatures. Our three heroes — ZIPPY, PEG & SPINNER — live on the island of New Pegland in the small town of Fruitville. From their underground headquarters — THE POWER CAVE — they are led by the brilliant but absent - minded scientist, PROFESSOR LASERUS, using Zippy’s miraculous invention — THE POWER PEG — to light up their Laser Pegs vehicles and structures.